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Help us help the planet

Do a little to help a lot

Just one small substitute every week save 52 bits of plastic waste per year… Our goal is to help you multiply that over your weekly shop, a bit at a time. We believe the quality of our products will convince you that the change is for the better!

Start Today

Start your low waste journey today! It’s better than tomorrow or next week! Come and see the difference you can make!

Ethically sourced, non-toxic, good quality alternatives to plastic

Help the planet and help your local economy by buying quality, ethical,  locally produced goods. What’s not to like?

Start ‘filling’ good about yourself!

Making an impactful difference on our society can give you peace of mind and improve your mental health. Join in to see the benefits!

Join the zero waste revolution

At Hunglish, we believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. By shopping for eco-friendly food and hygiene essentials, you can be part of a global movement to reduce single-plastic use and positively impact our planet.We welcome those who dare to live a different, Earth-friendly lifestyle and want to help you minimize packaging waste in your community. Join the Hunglish Tribe and discover the latest and greatest products that provide eco-friendly, zero-waste, sustainable, ethical, and toxin-free alternatives to mainstream products. Together, we can create a world free from single-use plastics and live a life that champions environmental responsibility.

At Hunglish, we give you the potential to rebel against the big supermarket’s passion for plastic packaging even when something comes in its own packaging like an orange. Eco-friendly shopping for food and hygiene essentials helps champion the global cause to reduce single plastic use. You can help influence food waste and get value for money with the reward of knowing you are reducing your environmental footprint week by week.

We welcome everyone who is daring to live a different, Earth-friendly and low-plastic lifestyle. Our challenge is to help minimise the use of packaging in the Brighton area one day at a time.

Come and join the Hunglish Tribe and discover the best and latest products we can find. Our purpose is to give you the satisfaction of making the switch to eco-friendly, zero-waste, sustainable, ethical and toxin-free alternatives to mainstream products with the potential to damage you and the environment. We want to help you live a life with freedom from single-use plastics.


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